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Did You Miss Me???

August 29, 2022

It's hard to believe that's it's been almost a year and a half since I last posted on my own site.  I feel today is a fitting day to revive my presence here as it is the 17-year anniversary of the New Orleans' levees breaking during Hurricane Katrina.  The pivotal moment of this City's history that changed it forever.  It wasn't the actual hurricane, it was the levee system that for decades had been neglected, funds allocated to it laundered by politicians, and a citizenry that perpetuated all of if by voting (and keeping in office) the corrupt politicians who sealed this city's fate decades before Katrina was even formed.  This city is forever changed and, in my opinion, will never return to what it was.  It was once a cosmopolitan city that was proud of it's southern, Spanish, & French heritage.  A city full of beautiful architecture, priceless pieces of art, historic battlefields, and some of the best food in the world.   Most importantly, it was a city where nobody cared about your skin color, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.  You know…all the things that are crammed down our throat on a daily basis now!  Everything is offensive, racist, homophobic and so on, and so on.  It’s tiresome, nauseating, and has destroyed not only New Orleans but the country and our society as a whole. 

New Orleans was perhaps the best example of America’s “Melting Pot”.  Over 300 years of history under a number of different Nations’ flags.  It was truly diverse, and incorporated all those different influences into a place the world over took notice of.  Was it ever perfect?  Of course not.  It’s been plagued with problems for over three centuries.  Sadly, all those problems, except for its geographic location, are man-made.  I guess you can even say its geographical location was a result of man.  Jean-Baptiste-Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville showed up one day and said “yeah…this is a good place to build a city.”  And here we are.  However, the glory days are behind us.

Katrina was the initial “toilet flush” if you will.  The levees breaking was that second flush that gets the rest of that bean burrito aftermath down the bowl and into the sewer system.  Yes, New Orleans is/was a “two flusher”.  Many people left pre-emptively when they were told to evacuate.  Many did not.  They had their reasons and I’m not here to say who was right or wrong.  Many that left returned home to find they lost everything.  And many of those people, who’s families had lived here for generations, decided that Katrina was going to be the last time they dealt with a hurricane.  They relocated and took with them the culture of this city.  It was at this point that things began to change further.  Investors swooped in to buy up property for pennies on the dollar and to cash in on that “Katrina Money” the Gub’ment was handing out.  Insurance fraud, construction scams, FEMA, man it was a shit show and the politicians loved it!  Eventually Mayor Ray Nagin went to jail for bribery and corruption, but that paved the way for Mitch Landrieu.  A narcissist, with delusions of grandeur that began the racial, cultural, and political divide of this city that has only worsened over time.   Mitch’s first four years were pretty quiet.  2010 was only 5 years after Katrina and people were still ripping on FEMA and George W. Bush.  But then Mitch was re-elected and that’s when the real trouble started.  Now I have to admit that Mitch didn’t start the racial divide.  Barrack Obama did when he became president.  We were told America was racist AFTER A BLACK (well half black) PRESIDENT WAS JUST ELECTED!  But Mitch, with his grand political plan, stayed quiet and then upon re-election, started his assault on New Orleans culture, history, and anyone that he deemed “a racist”.

He started the destruction of New Orleans history buy starting the removal of Confederate Monuments.  Monuments that stood for over 100 years in a diverse city where both black and white never gave the statues much thought…until Mitch told them they were racist.  Without going into a long and boring history lesson about the Southern War of Independence (it was NOT a civil war) Mitch claims the statues were symbols of racism.  Statues that were erected by the families of fallen soldiers, on private land that was bought or donated, to preserve a memory for many men who never came home or who’s remains were never recovered.  Jefferson Davis, P.G.T. Beauregard, and Robert E. Lee represented those fighting men and Beauregard was an instrumental part of the development of New Orleans. But with one grand delusion, Mitch decided they were racist and anyone who spoke up in favor of history and/or the statues were vilified and deemed racists and enemies of the Woke Mob.

Mitch’s reign of terror had a purpose, he wanted to be president.  Removing those statues were going to curb the crime in New Orleans.  Crime that Mitch let get out of control because he had no real plans on how to deal with it.  He took down statues, renamed streets and schools, and said that by destroying the history of New Orleans, the “White Supremacist” origins of the city will be erased. As a result, those committing crime in New Orleans, of which statistically are mostly black, would stop being criminals because Mitch fixed “racism”.  Nothing was further from the truth.  And now that he fixed all of New Orleans’ problems, he was going to fix the country and all it’s “racism”.  New Orleans went from a colorless city in the eyes of those that lived there to a city were everything was racist and either black (good) or white (bad).  And when Mitch left office in 2018 he had his sites set on National politics and was going to stop at nothing to get his woke agenda spread as fast as possible.

Following Mitch Landrieu’s lead, every major Democratic run city followed in his woke little footsteps.  Confederate statues were just the tip of the iceberg.  Now our Founding Fathers were “racist” and their statues had to come down.  Basically, if it was white, it had to go.  Let’s go back to NOLA for a second.  Everything renamed was now named after a black person.  Where’s the diversity in that?  Streets, schools, parks, all renamed to the tune of millions of dollars because Democrats (and even some Republicans) pander and want to not only control your lives but tell you how to think and feel.

Most recently New Orleans removed the cannon in Washington Artillery Park.  A cannon that thousands of people took pictures in front of because of the scenic beauty.  But guess what?  Little did you know that cannon was RACIST!  Yes.  Now cannons are racist because the Washington Artillery were Confederates.  And let’s be honest, even if they weren’t, George Washington is being cancelled too so it really doesn’t matter.  The park was renamed Oscar Dunn Park.  Any guess as to what color Mr. Dunn is?  He was the first black elected to Lt. Governor.  He jumped aboard the Republican party during the reconstruction of the south and did many of the same things that P.G.T. Beauregard did after the War of Southern Independence.  But we take Beauregard’s name off of everything because he’s white, and replace with another guy just because he’s black.  Problem solved apparently.  Maybe that damned racist cannon was going to be the monument that once removed, would finally stop the car jackings, shootings, muggings, murders. 

If you’re still with me after all that, bravo to you.  I refuse to stay silent any longer.  Life for me personally got a bit crazy during the whole Plandemic and after much soul searching and reinvention I wanted to announce today, that like Katrina flushing that toilet back in 2005 I flushed all the old content from this website and will do what New Orleans has failed to do in 17 years.  That is to rebuild, better myself, and piss off any and all Leftist, Commie Democrats that stumble upon this site.  I bid you adieu and look forward to more rants in the very near future. 


     Love always,


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The Country Has Gone Mad!!!

June 09, 2023

In keeping with my usual tradition of disappearance.  It's been 10 months since we last spoke and the United States continues it's downward spiral, with Joe Biden at the helm. His policies have been controversial and unpopular, and the country is struggling to find a way out of the mess he has created. Washington DC remains a stagnant, corrupt swamp, with no real solutions to the problems facing the nation. The ongoing Trump witch hunt has been a huge distraction for the government, diverting attention away from the real issues that need to be addressed. With Biden in charge, the future of the United States looks bleak.  

Enter in the new slew of "Republican" candidates.  Chris Christie (Buffet Slayer), Ron DeSantis (Back Stabber), Mike Pence (Delusional Hoosier), and all the other minor players that neither you or I give a shit about because they are never going to win.  One thing I can tell you is that all of these swamp dwellers will be falling over each other trying to attack Trump.  Christie has already buttered up CNN (along with his hips to get through the fucking studio doors) to start his Trump bashing.  DeSantis needs to stay in Florida and continue his attack on Mickey Mouse.  To be clear I have no love for the pedophiles at Disney, they fucked Star Wars so far up it's ass that Jar Jar Binks giving Uncle Owen a lap dance would be Oscar worthy cinema!  But does that give DeSantis the right to flex his micro penis and storm Cinderella's Castle while evoking the word of God?  I'm gonna say no.  He's mad with power and that is exactly who I DONT want as a leader. Then there's Mike Pence.  Oh fuck...he's so fucking boring and uninspiring I can't even think of an insult for his Milk Toast ass. 


Joe Biden is a geriatric pedo who's son should be getting fucked in a prison shower.  The only good thing to come out of Kamal's mouth was Willie Brown's cock, and all the Democrats are pretty much screaming this-ism and that-ism all the while doing exactly what they accuse everyone else of doing.  Remember kids, White Supremacy is so bad in this country that they have to get minorities to commit "hate crimes" in the name of White Supremacy.  


I can go on and on but it is just so exhausting.  Democrats can burn down cities, and rob every retailer blind and everyone looks the other way.  But Lord help us if a Republican farts in church!  The indictments will fly faster than Democrats to Epstein Island!  Don't even get me started with that shit! 

All in all, I pray for the asteroid.  I hope it hits smack dab in the middle of the French Quarter.  Finish what Katrina couldn't. If it all starts to burn maybe people will wake up and realize that the world is a mess and we to turn it around.  In the mean time lets continue to encouraging men to play women's sports, children to attend drag shows, women to be men and men to be women, flood the country with illegals, rob Target into bankruptcy, mail in as many votes as you want/can, build more coal powered electric vehicles, and let that fat bitch Lizzo parade around naked while playing Louis Armstrong's trumpet!  Ok...maybe not the last one. 

          Love always,


New Orleans, LA
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